About Mohit Madan Lal Grover

Mohit Madan Lal Grover (born 21 july) is an Indian politician and a social worker. He is a
social youth leader fighting for the rights of people. He laid his emphasis on women
empowerment, development and constructive work for the society.
Early Life
Mohit was born to Mr. Madan Lal Grover. He has two siblings, Mohit being the youngest
one. He was born and brought up in gurugram (Haryana). Mohit from a very younger age saw
his father being actively involved in various social activities and services which in turn gave
him a boost and awakened his inner self. His father’s active participation for over forty years
inspired him to follow his footsteps and help people. He felt and understood the need to help
the needy and serve them. He not only had sympathy with them but also had empathy
towards them.
He has always been an enthusiastic reader and had keen interest in history, culture and
politics. This gave him extensive amount of knowledge about the situation of the country.
Soon, he became a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.
Social and Political Life
His primary focus has always been the education for all. He is a believer of the fact that there
must not be any kind of discrimination in the society based on caste, creed, gender etc. He
supports the fact that each and every person has equal rights and stands for their rights in the
field of education, job opportunities, health opportunities and many other aspects. . He wants
every child of the country to be educated enough and everyone should be given the freedom
to attain it. He wants every area to be completely unbiased. Thus, he aims to provide the
benefits and facilities to the people to improve their life and the living conditions. He enjoys
helping people and wants to make the world a better place.
He is also a good speaker and spoke at various functions and public gatherings. He has been a
supporter of Tara Tuteja and Bhartiya Janta Party( BJP). He is usually present in the
assembly and stands in his support to demands votes from people for honesty and
development of the country. He attended various health camps and has been the Chief Guest
in cricket tournaments organized in gurugram and students received awards from him during
the award ceremony. He was featured in various newspapers in which he appreciated the
work done by the government along with promising to fulfil the expectations of the people.
He expressed his expectations that the money will be spent on the growth of the area. He
gave his view on the traffic problems which is a common issue in the city.
His main focus is on educating people irrespective of gender. He supports people who are
eager to work for the country and is against corruption. Mohit supports honest people and are
willing to help the people for their betterment. With an aim to make the country corruption
free, he always chooses and supports wisely. He wants peace and this can be depicted as he a
follower of Mahatma Gandhi.