We can all contribute in fighting pollution in Gurugram, it’s simple

मोहित ग्रोवर में दिखाई देती है पर्यावरण प्रेमी की छवि

“The future will either be green or not at all.” – Mohit Madan Lal Grover

Over the past few years, Gurugram city has flourished like none other. The city is now home to millions of people. However, this rapid establishment of industries, transportation, and housing is posing a threat to people’s health.

The Air Quality Index or AQI goes up to 900 which is considered hazardous for living. Considering the troubled breathing and other severe health issues, the youth icon, Mohit Madan Lal Grover has started a campaign “Ghar Ghar Paudha Abhiyaan” to tackle the environmental damage happening due to pollution. Mr. Grover is a social worker who is thriving to make sure development doesn’t end up polluting the environment. To make a difference, he is working hard to spread awareness among the citizens of Gurugram. His strong will to restore the mother nature and continuous efforts have been appreciated by many.

Plantation on pollution control dayOn World Environment Day, he visited several schools to help children understand the impact of global warming. He pointed out that global warming is real and changing the face of nature, making it hard for us to survive. The side-effects of industrialization are degrading the environmental balance.

Since youth are the pillars of the future, Mr. Grover has urged them to get together and bring about the change as well as create awareness in the society. He, along with several children, watered and planted trees to set an example.

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