Is Gurugram losing its Identity due to poor Infrastructure

Is Gurugram losing its Identity due to poor Infrastructure

Is Gurugram losing its Identity due to poor InfrastructureThe city of Gurgaon or Gurugram as it is called now, is a half-hour’s drive south of New Delhi. A city that has survived without a functioning municipal government for roughly four decades is now home to nearly 2 million residents, largely immigrants who have chosen the city as their permanent or temporary home.

Businesses, real estate and vast density of land are key factors behind the growth of this north Indian city and one can proudly compare the skyline to one of the best across the world. But are we doing enough for a quality life in the millennium city? Is our government doing enough to provide sewage, waste disposal, garbage collectors or even basic fire services to the towers?

Once a popular destination for IT techs and other professionals, Gurugram is fast losing its sheen with its annual reports on water logging every monsoon. Our city, which boasted of welcoming a multi cultural system, is today crippling and almost failing us each day. Officials who have been involved in managing the city say that the problem started intensifying due to unplanned expansion and execution of ideas without a comprehensive study.

But can this blame game solve daily problems of us citizens of Gurugram? Does merely changing names change ground realities of infrastructures? Surely, we can’t overlook these annoyances. Can we?

It all begins by choosing the right administrator who works at the ground level for the people. Voting in the name of a party or legacy should be shunned by opting for a candidate who is accessible and dedicated to local issues at all times.

Mohit Madan Lal Grover is a young budding social activist who has been working towards the betterment of the city since a long time. He truly believes in engaging people, understanding their grievances and working towards an inclusive developmental system.

Infrastructure is one of the key areas, which Mohit Madan Lal Grover has been focusing on through his endeavor. According to him, social consequences can have a long-term negative effect on citizens and these issues need to be addressed on priority. Community building through common point programs is essential and Grover strives to communicate with different strata of society to blend in a better environment.

A son of the soil, Mohit Madan Lal Grover hails from a family that has dedicated more than four decades to social service. Taking the legacy forward Grover aims to become a part of the system to spearhead his ideas for Gurugram’s growth from within the government.

While infrastructure is one of the areas of focus, Grover firmly believes in devoting his large part of spell to educational and women empowerment programs. A society cannot dwell in isolation and every aspect of the same needs to be blended in well for a common growth platform.

Its time to bring our own fellow citizens into the system, instead of fly by night politicians who are inaccessible once the elections is done. You are the owner of your environment and you need to wisely appoint the caretaker who will be in-charge of your surroundings.

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