Mohit Madanlal Grover Vision in GurgaonMy vision for Gurugram on each facet of social, economic and cultural development.

Environment Conservation: The Millennium City, as Gurugram is fondly referred to, is going through a tremendously challenging situation from an environment & sustainability perspective. In my opinion, it is the onus of young social workers and leaders to carry the mantel of the environment on our shoulders. Pollution is a strong concern which can be addressed to a large extent through modernised public transport systems and the conscious drive of going green. I strongly believe in spreading the green cover through green belts and parks to reduce ozone depletion and provide the people of Gurugram with clean air and a healthy environment. It is my endeavour to make Gurugram meet the standards of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards in a time-bound manner.

Youth Affairs: Through my various associations and my increasing involvement in youth affairs, I am to channelize the youth of Gurugram on the path of hard work, perseverance, integrity, and success. I have earlier organised a tremendously successful Youth Programs that aimed at directing the focus and energy of the youth towards the causes of social welfare and the common good. It is my biggest drive to empower the youth of Gurugram and make them successful drivers of India’s future.

Education: Through my many associations with schools and universities, I aim to strengthen the importance and penetration of education in Gurugram. Not only is education important from an employment perspective, but it is my belief that education should be holistic involving overall development of one’s mental, physical and spiritual self. It is through education that I am to eradicate all the evils in our society such as unemployment, poverty, hunger, crimes and other social issues. The cause of quality education is going to spearhead my initiatives as a server of society.

Health & Sanitation: From diagnosis centres, emergency aid, infant health, senior citizen concessions and pre/post-partum health for mothers, I believe all facets of healthcare are important in our society. I wish to change the trend of good quality of healthcare being expensive. I aim to make vaccinations affordable for new-born infants so that their health is consolidated for years to come. Sanitation also needs considerable focus for a populous country like ours. Sound drainage systems, good water supply, clean drinking water and public toilets are strong focus points I endeavour to work on in the near future.

Women’s Welfare:  Women truly are the backbone of our society and it is important that as social & cultural guardians, we give their paramount importance in the development of our country.  I am to make women of Gurugram well educated and self-reliant. It is important for women to be aware of their legal rights. I am also driven to ensure information and supplies regarding reproductive health, nutrition and hygiene in women reach deep into the rural areas in Gurugram. I aim to develop local infrastructure and availability of credit that supports women entrepreneurs and promotes vocational skills for alternate employment avenues.

Infrastructure Development: The Millennium City of Gurugram is growing at an exponential rate and is one of the most favoured destinations of investment for national and international giants. Hence, it is important that infrastructure development goes hand-in-hand with a swelling population and business investment. I believe that a comprehensive road network, clean and solid footpaths, a network of national highways and superior public transport is the need of the hour.

Waste Management: The swelling population in Gurugram calls for better waste management facilities. From zero landfill development, reduction of solid waste and forest conservation, there are many focus points for our city from a waste management perspective. There is immense pressure on our forests due to increased waste generation. This problem requires our urgent attention and I as a responsible youth of Gurugram promise to tackle this issue effectively through responsible municipality initiatives of waste reduction, segregation and recycling.

Cultural Diversity: I am a strong believer in the protection and flourishment of the rich and diverse culture of India. Through participation in events of social & cultural consciousness in Gurugram as well as my association with many musical & cultural events, I ensures my works towards retaining the cultural diversity in the region.

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