Water Crisis in Gurugram is Real & We Need to Act Now – Mohit Madan Lal Grover

Water Crisis in Gurugram is Real & We Need to Act Now - Mohit Madan Lal GroverGurgaon has expanded exponentially but underneath lies an ugly truth. The water crisis is real and rampant in the city. Due to inadequate rainfall, low level of groundwater and around 50 degree Celsius heat, the city has suffered a lot. Mohit Madan Lal Grover has urged the masses to join hands together and save water for themselves and the generations to come.

Even the people living in high-rises and gated residential societies have been struggling to get basic water supply for the past few months. The water supply has been reducing day after day and buying water is becoming expensive. Even after paying so much, they are lacking a basic necessity. The power cuts are frequent due to which motors don’t fill up the water.

Mohit Grover believes the electricity and water cut issues in Gurugram has taken a gigantic mode. Although the local government has given due attention to fix the problem, the increasing population has made the problem worse. Mohit Madan Lal Grover is committed to raising his concerns and solutions in the upcoming Gurugram Vidhan Sabha elections 2019. He plans to decrease the gaps between demand and supply.

One of the often overlooked problems, Mohit Grover pointed out, is the sewerage problem. He says although the city is mushrooming with world-class residential colonies, each one of them has to maintain its own private sewerage system. Such private systems are primarily linked to tanks that often dump waste in rivers making them polluted. Mr. Grover suggests, he plans to eradicate the problem permanently by constructing a single sewerage system, thereby, connecting all the residential colonies to it. He is committed to make Gurugram the best sewage management city.

Besides this, he suggests some of the easiest ways to save water are:

  1. Harvesting the rain-water since only 8% of the water is restored from the rains in our country. The scope is huge and it would tackle the water crisis efficiently.
  2. Fix drainage lines to avoid water logging.
  3. Install water-efficient devices. This will not only help in saving the water but also water bills.
  4. Keeping a check on bathroom water usage saves a lot of water.

In fact, to motivate Gurugram residents to conserve water, a website and helpline of GurJal project was launched. Mohit Madan Lal Grover believes water conservation is a priority and we must come forward together to help restore the natural balance.

Lately, water scarcity and crisis has been a primary focus of the Indian government. In May 2019, Ministry of Jal Shakti, a ministry under the Government of India was formed to tackle this issue. This was formed by merging two ministries – Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation & Ministry of Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation. It is high time that we join hands together to save water to save our future. Humans have been responsible for destroying the natural balance of the mother Earth. Beyond this, the changes are irreversible. It’s time to take small steps and make a huge difference.

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