Women Safety in Gurugram is non-negotiable” – Mohit Madan Lal Grover

Women Safety in Gurugram is non-negotiable” - Mohit Madan Lal Grover
Women Safety in Gurugram is non-negotiable

Gurugram is so much more than just a suburb, it is the city with sky-high buildings and a city with mostly millenium population. However, there is a shady side to Gurugram and that is women’s safety. Grown as a city of promises, opportunities, and progress, Gurugram now tops the list for crimes against women. There is always a sense of discomfort for women to walk alone on the roads after 7 PM. To make sure this fear ends somewhere a social worker Mohit Madan Lal Grover is strongly acting upon it.

We often hear about women being raped mercilessly in this city. Imagine the life of a Gurugram woman and the fear they live with each day because of such unfortunate events. Mohit Grover worries about the paralysing fear women go through no matter what their age is or where they are. People are very careful while choosing a school for their daughter. Women are fearful of hiring a taxi or even driving their own vehicle late at night. They only feel safer inside their homes. Mr. Grover urge people to act upon women’s safety and betterment right now.

He even points out the degrading situation of women in workplaces. Mohit Madan Lal Grover has put forward his concerns about the working conditions and the hours of work for women. The youth icon is determined to work towards reducing the income disparity among males and females. Mohit says that it is our moral duty to make Gurugram safer for women. For this reason, he is continuously campaigning and raising awareness among people to make the city safe for every woman.

Although this issue has been addressed by many, it has been acted upon by a few. Mohit Madan Lal Grover says it is high time that we act. Therefore, he is bringing up this issue in elections 2019. Mohit believes women’s safety and their empowerment needs continuous efforts and it could only be achieved if we join hands together. This is the only way to bring about a change in the society. Mohit Grover is attacking the root cause of the problems. He strongly believes that unemployment is bearer of unsocial situations in the city of Gurugram. Nowadays young ladies are sitting idle even after having adequate educational qualifications. Mohit condemns the corrupt and selfish leaders who haven’t paid attention to this loophole. Mr. Madan lal has laid down his plan to create enough work opportunities for women. This will not only make them independent but will also reduce the absurd gap.

Celebrated by young people in Gurugram, Mohit Grover is strong headed to make Gurugram safer for women. He believes every person has the right to a well-paid job, a good life, and a safe environment irrespective of their gender. For election in Gurugram, he is planning to revise the policies for women safety and empowerment. It is time we join hands together to make a difference in the society and truly worship the women power in our country.

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